Friday, December 31, 2010

Wikileaks, As Bad As Some Think?

Okay, we all know about the recent Wikileaks problems (or atleast you SHOULD). With Julian Assange arrested and the site down we should ask why? Was it because secret material was leaked? Was it because it made our leaders look stupid and they're trying to have some sort of silly revenge? Or was it because it could possibly endanger our troops and strategies on our ongoing war? Lets take a look at each of these reasons which have grown to become popular in the media. 

First off, was it because of classified material being leaked to the public for all to see? This is probably the most probable reason on my list, people don't like their secrets being shared. On the other side however, we've had information leaks in the past and the .gov just turned their heads the other way. This brings me to my next point which asks if it was due to the content of the recent leaks right before its take down.

Secondly, Wikileaks published cables from foriegn leaders and ambassadors around the world saying how the Irish don't like the French, how Kim Jong-il is some short weird dude, etc. I highly doubt this is the reason as the media leaks embarrasing moments of politicians all the time. I can hardly turn to a news channel and not see someone showing something were a politician or world leader fucked up.

Next, a lot of people are screaming that it endangered the troops. While this is true and it could have endangered American lives, there is no evidence that any Americans or any other person was harmed or killed due to any leaks published from Wikileaks. It still could happen though, but its doubtful.

Maybe it's the fact that there are secrets the .gov keeps to ensure that no one can talk to foreign entities and warn them of our plans. Maybe there are things better left unknown.

So this brings me to my final question. Why is Wikileaks down and Assange arrested (other than the whole rape in Sweden thing)? Well never know the real reason behind this other than he broke the law and has to suffer the consequences. There might not even be a reason other than that. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Starting A New Life

     Well all you supporters/readers out there, I've been fucking up more than ever lately. Keep putting off going to college, keep putting off finding a job, keep putting off everything for some reason. I seem to be failing a lot these past few months. Starting to get kind of tired of my life now as well as not being content with my day to day routines. I've always wanted to join the Army, but because of what I've been involved with lately I doubt they'll take me (sad, I know).
     So were does this leave me? I'm going to join the French Foriegn Legion in hopes of making a better life for myself and (hopefully) coming out of it with the experience to make me a better man as well. After this I then plan on fulfilling my dream of being a Ranger in the U.S. Army.
     If anyone has any advice or would like to share any similar stories, please do.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So, my brother recently joined Student-Secular Alliance. Basically it's a club for open minds and free thinkers (aka Atheists). Anyways, today he comes home with a bible. Here's the conversation that followed.
"What's with the bible? You didn't leave with one today did you?"
"No, some kids at school bought a bunch of them and started throwing them at us today."
"What the fuck? Did you whoop their asses?"
"No we're not retarded, we don't want a bad rep around campus."
"Well did you do ANYTHING?"
"Walked away... Oh also a teacher today overheard something about it and started telling all his students that atheists are worse then drug dealers because they don't murder the body, they murder the soul."
"HAHAHAHA, you say anything?"
"Nah, our club sponser heard and informed the principle today. He got a 4 week unpaid suspension."
"Hell yeah."
"Hell yeah."

So much for a caring, tolerant religion... Guess they're only caring and tolerant when you go to their church.
What's up with that?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The new rage among high school age students is doing the "dougie". It is growing to be one of America's biggest fads, kind of like every movie being 3-D.
Comment if you know how to dougie.

Man with heart condition gets tased due to not going into ambulance.;lst;9

An elderly man with a heart condition got tased by police after refusing to go to the hospital. Police were called after a man was supposedly suicidal and had fell in his house. You can see the result of the conflict in the link above.